Black and White Photography

Gate at the Taj Mahal

If anyone is out & about, anywhere, walking around taking photos, take the time to stop & turn around to see whats behind you. You may see somthing worthy of a photograph, other than what was previously in front of you.

If anyone remembers that famous photo of Princess Diana sitting alone on a bench with the Taj Mahal behind her, the Great Gate is what she would have seen.

Below, the Taj Mahal from inside the Great Gate.

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I was driving towards Ilam Hall within Ilam Park, which is within the Peak District National Park. Parked my car & took this photo.

Framed my car as the initial focal point, & used the road to lead the viewers eye away from the car & futher into the photo. Always point the car in the direction you want the viewer to look.

I had previously polished the car at home, just in case you were wondering. :)

Boat Wreck. Corpach near Fort William, Scotland.

Sensational photo! The composition is excellent with an interesting, layered depth of field in the right side of the frame. Superb!