Did you have Dick, Jane, Sally and Spot?? Run Spot Run.

In first grade we had to copy a sentence from Dick and Jane. Mine had an exclamation point. I drew the exclamation point with a bulbous top like it appeared in print and filled it in with pencil. Who knew you could make one with a straight line and a dot?

Had them in first grade class bored into trouble with the teacher and then embarrassment for the teacher which made her mad.

She said to daydreaming, humming me (i was 6) 'You are supposed to be reading the book.' I replied 'i have, 3 times thru.'. With a wicked 'gotcha' smile she says 'Well then you can tell us about it.'

'Sure' i say and repeat the whole thing verbatim. Her face goes red and i thought for a minute steam might actually come out her ears. She kept me after school and was going to spank me, but my Mom arrived and put a stop to that. Demanding the reason and saying she'd spank if i misbehaved. Mom found the reason insufficient and asked 'So you were going to punish her for good reading and memory skills?'

And that's why as i mentioned in the thread about grade school teacher's names she didn't like me.
I remember Dick and Jane. Anyone here old enough to remember a Ned? If my dad did not like something he would say it looked like Ned in the first reader.

I started school in Canada. They had phonics there but not when we came back to the states. I think it really gave me a head start.
yes, looking back poor way to teach. Phonics is how my children learned to read and helping them improved my reading, still spell terrible
My boys, tho twins, had very different learning skills. One did well with phonics, generally recognizing the word once he sounded it out. The other couldn't seem to get it that way but if told the word 1 time he had it thanks to excellent memory. That memory helped him with multiplication too. His brother grasped the concept 3x2= 3 groups of two, or vice versa and he wanted to understand that, but he ended up memorizing the times table because it came easier to him.

They both were reading adult level books by age 8. Their sister, 8 years younger was the same, except tests showed her reading at master's level by 6th grade, but the boys didn't reach that till grade 10.
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I remember Highlights. I think they had a hidden pictures section that I liked.

I used to ready my brother's huge boy scout book that had stories involving first aid and safety type things. I went right to the exciting safety section.