Diets, Decaf & Other Dubious Deeds


Marci I stopped being aware of Valentines Day in my own life a LONG time ago.

Stay warm. Your weather is heading our way too... supposed to snow an sleet during the wee hours.


Still 30 below out. I have a cab coming for me at 9:30 this morning. Probably more of the same tomorrow. I will try to get out Thursday if the car will start. I have an appt to pick up my physical copy of my taxes. There is a couple days of warmer air and then in the 40s this weekend BUT there will be freezing rain Saturday. I'm so over this weather.

Having some coffee and mentally preparing for today's drama at work. I'm glad I try to not cause the boss to much grief.

One of our co-workers got fired. The ones that get fired are far and few between. They're normally very mouthy and unwilling to follow the rules. I do my best to not mouth off (which some days is a serious challenge) and I prefer to abide by the rules as much as possible. I can honestly say I am not sorry to see him go. I will not miss him. C'est la vie.

I think they did our blackout in my section yesterday afternoon. I was at work. I came home and the clock on the stove was blinking at me. I made as many adjustments as possible to my electrical usage. I am only willing to do so much. I will turn the heat down to 68 when I leave today. I will leave the lights off. Everything is unplugged except the fridge which is on a surge protector. Best investment I ever made. Has pd for itself 4 or 5 times now. $20 to keep from losing a fridge full of food all the time was worth it.

Stay warm!