Do people still chew gum?

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I was watching some old shows of Dick Clark's American Bandstand. When the camera scanned the audience every kid seemed to have a wad of gum in their mouth.
I remember chewing a lot of gum when I was a kid. I haven't chewed in years and haven't seen people chewing lately.
Remember the song,"Does Your Chewing Gum lose its Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight?" A big hit in the late 50's.
My Dad said when he was a kid they would chew the tar from the roads that got soft from the summer heat. I never tried it.
My uncle would tell me never to chew gum it was made from horses hooves.
My favorite was Juicy Fruit and of course Bubble Gum. My Dad liked Black Jack and my Mom would chew Wrigley's Spearmint.
Did you chew gum? What was your favorite?
I still see people chew gum here & there. A lot of places of employment won't allow gum chewing.

I used to love Juicy Fruit. Now that I have dentures I can't chew regular gum anymore. And Freedent only has 2 flavors. Mint & mint. I wrote to them & asked them why they don't make other flavors cuz I've been craving bubblegum. They said most older people (they assumed I was old [40s at the time] which ticked me off) only chew mint flavor.

So I got creative. One day I bought some Freedent & a package of Trident. I think it was some orange flavor. I folded the Trident into the Freedent & had this wonderful orange flavored gum that didn't taste minty. I don't chew gum much anymore cuz they frown on it at work where I need it the most. LOL


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Yes, once in a while I'll pop a stick in my mouth. When I was a kid, I chewed constantly and I was often thrown out of class for doing so. I used my allowance money to buy all kinds of gum rather than candy. My mother would go on and on how it was like water flowing over a rock constantly wearing it down. Of course she was right as my dentist will concur.


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Break a tooth? Can't keep your tongue off it? Gum for temporary repair. I always keep a package on hand. Also can be used for other temporary repairs.

The negative side? When you are talking to someone chewing gum it seems like they are not paying attention. :cool:


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I was a constant gum chewer as a child and never lost my love for it. These days I make sure to pop in half a piece whenever I don a mask. Makes my mask breath so much sweeter to breathe in and out.


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As a kid, I didn't understand why I liked gum so much.
When I got older, I realized it was mainly the sugar I was after.
Then I just started eating sugar by itself.


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In my 20s when I quit smoking, ordinary gum was all there was. After a few years I gave up the gum too.

Later in my early 40s, I started chewing gum again as a nervous habit. My kids criticized me, so I quit again.

Now I see people chewing with the mouth partially open. Sometimes I even spot the gum in the mouth of tv personalities. It’s not attractive.


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I chewed gum only occasionally when I was younger. I have too much money invested in dental crowns and bridges to risk doing it now. I have worked with people who chewed gum and were obnoxious about chewing with their mouths open and making snapping and cracking sounds. Drove me up the wall, I tell ya, up the wall!