Do You Get Cravings For Crunchy, Munchy Foods?

Aunt Marg

Granny Pantie Power!
My cravings are not limited to crunchy, but rather, every sweet and salty, sugary, and mouth-watering delight under the sun!

Take tonight for instance, we sampled beef jerky, chorizo sausage, cheddar cheese, All-Dressed potato chips with homemade sour cream and garlic dip, sweet-mix pickles, and a serving of apple sauce after.


I have recently become addicted to the Smart Foods brand of white cheddar popcorn. It says there is 7 servings in a bag but if so, they are tiny servings.


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I like the Lay's low-salt potato chips, but haven't had them for quite some time. I need "crunch", so, I chop up kosher dill pickles to put into solid white albacore tuna. I squeeze out the excess liquid between paper towels first.

Carrot/Celery/Cucumber sticks are good with or without dip.
When, here in Jersey, we first went into lock down in March, I bought all kinds of snacks. 3 different types of trail mix, Pub Mix, Slim Jims, and several kinds of beef sausages and beef jerky. Well, I was munching almost continuously and my weight was getting up there. Then I was hit with this COVID-19, lost my sense of taste and smell. That ended the snacking. Since I've recovered, I haven't even touched any of the stuff I have. Slowly recovering my senses back, but not interested too much in snacking at all. Odd that.