Extortionate cost of beefburgers

I wanted to get some ground beef while shopping today. What a ±pound package costs, my mom could feed us for a week back in the 1960s. I didn't see any less than $9 in the meat case.
lol..sorry for laughing Deb, but you really can't compare prices from 60 years ago to now... :D

OMG. I went grocery shopping and didn't want to rush and make lunch when I got home so, I stopped at Cookout for burgers. We don't do that often. Now I know why. I could have put that $20 toward something much more sensible.
They were good though.
I rarely ever eat burgers... I mean probably once every 4 or 5 years.. and when I do I usually buy one at a Fast food place... A few months ago I stopped at a Burger king..a basic burger.. and. small coke cost me £8... I was in shock.. given that McDonalds charge just £1.29 for a Cheeseburger...

I was at the County Fair a couple of months ago.. and some of the stalls were charging £20 for a burger... £10 for a hot dog... scandalous!!
a cheeseburger here is $2.79. it's $4.57 here for a small fountain drink and a cheeseburger with tax.
A Longhorn Steakhouse 1/2 pound cheeseburger with baked potato or soup (even French onion) is $9.99 plus tax and tip (lunch prices). Actually the Longhorn is an excellent burger for a steakhouse but about too big to eat with a side. The local hipster joint burgers are just as expensive and inconsistent.

A Burger King Whopper is $5.66 tax included, and I like them. No condiments or L & T, I add what I want when I get home.

I cook out occasionally but it’s a lot of clean up for a couple of burgers.