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...the site you posted has nice ones. hand double-stitched, free shipping but no returns.
"no returns" is a good observation but only $20 including shipping for a fine handcrafted real leather wallet almost makes it worth the risk...BUT drifter made a good point, "it looks too big for a pocket". I didn't notice the side view pic at first but now that I see the side view it definitely looks thick and heavy.

He might be able to special order a thinner lighter weight one to his own specifications though. Actually, I don't think Ebay allows transactions outside Ebay.

Here's two lightweight leather "cardholders" that are thinner but the price goes up the thinner they get 🤔

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Ready to drag-race, Drifter?
Got some new rubber on the road, engine beefed up good, meet you at the next light. From there it five miles of open space... what they call lonesome highway. Loser buys the coffee.


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i've been out of pocket a couple of days. Nothing going on, just down in the dumps. Felt better yesterday, okay today. Can't explain it. Felt bad, that's all. I'm happy got a place to chat (here) if I have something I want to say. Got something to read and I've been reading some, reading what others suggested and not really into it. Went to the library this morning. Wife looking for some good listening and wanted to see what is available through the library system.

I have three books I picked up the other day but haven't red any of them and didn't plan to get a book today. But I did. Maybe because I've been spending some time with my harmonica, both to exercise my lungs and to satisfy my pure enjoyment of playing some music well even if it is with the lowly harmonica. And in the back ofmy mind I suppose I've been thinking I might get another chromatic harp one of these days. I had one, a ten hole which I never played well but I'm better at it now than back in those days when I tried a ten hole chromatic. I want, I think, a good twelve key. I'm not ready for a fourteen or sixteen key.

I paused to fix myself a cup of tea, a regular stample at my place now days. This is bag tea, an assam tea, littlle on the cstrong side if seeped the minutes they suggest. I usually make a pot of tea every day but the day started out differently today so I had an extra cup of java.

The book I got at the library today I didn't plan to get. I asked the librarian if they had anything on music. She said they had no recorded music, and what was I looking for. I told her I didn't know but wanted to browse their books on music. They didn't have many but I spotted one, only
one, because of it's title, "Moving To Higher Ground." Now what kind of title is that? Sub-title is 'How Jazz Can Change Your Life." If it had been by any other authur I might not have gotten it, but it was Wynton Marsalis ( with Geoffrey Ward). I didn' know Ward but I have been listening to Marsalis on YouTube, jamming wth he and his band with my harmonica, attempting to learn a little bit about his Jazzy world in music. How many times have I listened to cWynton Marsalis and Eric Clapton together. I picked ukp the book, browsed through it and checked it out. Looks like it's got some simple stuff in it that even I might could figure out. The only thing it small print and I have only been reading large print for sever years but, I have a magnifying glass with a light and almost large enought to read across the page. Anyway, I'm going to reddit, then if I can, play it, and see what happens. I've been blowing a long time, but more recently. My lungs feel so good after a long session with that little harp.

The only other thing happening the past few days, I rode into dthe city with my son, he's been wanting to trade cars. His sunroof is leaking and that vwould cost him some to have it repaired. I don't know how much, doesn 't matter, he was in the trading mood. We were up there so long I almost ran out of oxygen. I had the setting on njmber one for for two hours to conserve. Anyway, he did trade over the next day or so and made a sensible trade. Got himself a good-looking Suburu. This is a nothing post, much like I've been feeling, but I'll try to do better next time, so don't hold it against me, dear Diary.


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I've got one of these bluegrass keyboards and for a number of days, at least, part or most of the day, off
and on, it has not been working. I go to sent an eMail or text, I'd see this message: Their is no keyboard
for this computer, or something similar. I'm paraphrasing but you get the idea. I start to sign onto Senior
Forums, no keyboard. Last night I worked here for two hours trying to get my keyboard going again. It
didn't happen. I've followed all the instruction I have on hand, and can get online. I even got an onscreen
message from my computer, and I paraphrase, "This keyboard does not have the facility to locate it or pair.
Correctionon my type of keyboard, it's not a Bluegrass, it's a Bluetooth. Had i felt better today, I'd have
gone down to Best Buy and replaced this mickey mouse piece of equiptment with something that works.

I had a bluetoothc before I got this one. It didn't quite working, it got to where some of the numbers and
letters woudn't work. This happens overtime I lose power or accidently shut down my computer. During a
power interruption or surge, an electric clock will most often have to be reset, where as this keyboard goes to
intensive care and generally about when I decide I can't fix it or get it to come back on, it will. So tonight I
came to see what all I had bookmarked, it the computer started looking for the keyboard again. And all of a
sudden, it said once again to type this number it threw out on the screen. I've typed in more than a dozen
numbers already today the computer threcwe at me. But tonight i typed in yet another number, mnot
expecting anything positive. Behold and low, I have a working keyboard again. In addition to being tickled pink
at the thought my keyboard is working again, I'm relieved and exhausted. I've always thought computers
and all their components that make them worthwhile and workable are so temporary. Over the years I've lost
at least three hard drives due to lightning or I suppose my own ignorance; lost stuff I trusted to these gadgets,
old family pictures, all my military photos, family gathering and meals together. Okay, boys and girls, I glad I
can communicate again. Once again, have fun and enjoy the heck out of whatever you're doing. Later.