Gentlemen - Do You Remove Your Hat


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This is something I didn’t know.
When you are sitting at a restaurant table, do not put your hat on the table. Put it in a chair, on your knee, or ask the server if there’s a place it can be kept during your meal.
While watching a tv show, the man took his hat off and put it on the floor before the meeting. He was probably trained to do this as a kid. Other gents on the show haven’t been as gentlemanly.


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I haven't read all the responses here and I don't want to offend anyone but I think it's way off base to make a big deal about someone wearing a hat indoors. It doesn't matter at our house as my husband has a beautiful set of white hair and only wears a hat out in the sun.

The wearing of a hat indoors does not measure what sort of a man you are. Not in my book.
Here in Minnesota men don't always remove their baseball caps when indoors. But more often than not, everyone removes their shoes when entering someone's home. With the bad weather that we have your shoes and boots often carry loads of mud and/or snow and you don't want to mess up another person's home.


Before the pandemic, a woman I know was wearing a huge, floppy, bright canary yellow hat with feathers.
I told her that her hat was unique and worthy of Ascot and that I liked it.
She told me that there were three that she liked at the store, but settled on this one because she didn't want to be conspicuous. :)