Grey, greyish, white, whitish or colour ?

Ruth n Jersey

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I never was one for fussing with my hair. I'm pretty much all gray now and thats the way it will stay. .
When I go out I dab a little blueish looking stuff from a tube through my hair. Its so old the label is off. I hope it will last my lifetime. I'd have to have some type of testing done on the tube to figure out what it is so I could replace it. I don't do it for the color but it controls the hay field my hair has become. When I'm home it looks like someone permanently scared me.


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You can look up blueing on line. I actually did and found something, but I have no idea how it works. Its the stuff people used to use on their sheets to whiten them. Women used to use it on their hair as well.

I don't change the color of my hair either. It is what it is and I dislike the look of growing out roots, which is currently in style. It makes hair look dirty in my opinion. But if I ever change my mind, I will try tea. I did try the tea, leaving it on for a few minutes, rather than the longer time it recommended, so it did not change the color of my hair. It really thickened and conditioned the look of my hair.


I always wondered why senior ladies would turn their hair blue.

I just answered my own question-
Have you ever wondered why old ladies sometimes have blue or purple hair? As it turns out, there are motives and mistakes that lead to the hair bluing. First off, many older women find their hair starts turning an ivory/yellow color that is hardly attractive.

To fix this, many of them turn to blue hair rinses that can balance out the yellow color…unfortunately, as you age, your eyes become less sensitive to the color blue so many of them use way too much blue rinse. In their eyes, their hair is a nice, even shade of white, while the rest of us see a bright blue mess.

Blue hair is becoming less common these days because fewer people smoke, reducing yellowing of the hair, and because better home hair dyes are available, so fewer women run the risk of bluing their locks with a rinse.
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My great grandmother did that. I use L'Oreal. 😄 My hair is beyond tea, I fear.
Where I live the well water turns the white hair a yellowish color.

How do you like the Loreal products? Which ones specifically do you use? I saw the silver shampoo, but could not find a silver conditioner in Loreal. I've been thinking about trying them. I use Jhimack for silver hair now. The prices have gone up a lot since Covid 19


My sister uses a purple shampoo that is formulated for gray/white hair. I don't know the brand though.
My friend uses silver shampoo on her otherwise brassy blond greying hair and it turns her hair into a stunning shade of silvery mauve which is gorgeous.


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Central Texas
Not any. I have what is known in my family as the Martin hair. I am still a brunette at 69. My hair seems to have darkened in color, but it is still mostly, like 95%, brown. If past family experience is any judge, I will start to get grey when I hit eighty but will be salt and pepper until I pass.