How Has COVID-19 Affected Your Life (Personally)?


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South Carolina
I am doing pretty well all things considered. Between the virus and my cancer I have a lot of constraints on my life. I have about 10 months until I complete the cancer hormone treatments and who knows when the virus will get under control. After they come to a conclusion, I look forward to returning to a normal life.

The other half of my 'truth" is that my wife makes all the difference in the world. If I did not have her, my life would be absolute crap. Do I put her on a pedestal? You bet I do!


Manitoba, Canada
@chic I am very sorry for what you're having to go through, financially. In ours plans for our future and retirement, i'm sure we all have hoped that our security is not pulled out from under us.
And now, that nightmare, stares a lot of us in the face.
There's no way anyone could have saw this coming.
Please be sure that we are here for support for each other.
Point......Life can really suck at times.....Sorry for using that word.
Please keep connected and posting.
Support for each other is what we all need.
Please stay safe, well and connected.


As a survivor, I am feeling nothing. Something happened to me and I can't even get excited about having the dog around me anymore and that is really odd. I couldn't care less if baseball is played or not and that is odder still. I am totally off kilter here.
You sound like you need to talk to a professional. Medically speaking, there may be an imbalance there and you could feel a lot better when you find out what it is.


I started carrying a plastic glove in my wallet so I could touch the key pad for my debit card with that instead of my finger. I sometimes wear a mask and other times I wear a face shield. I step aside when people get too close, and I listen closely to the updates. They aren't good at all for now. Can't go see my family, that is the biggy right there!


When things open back up do you think you can arrange private sessions with former clients? This has to be so nerve wracking. :(
I don't know. The healing art center where I worked has reopened only for the retail portion, but services and health, like reiki,, massage, yoga and even meditation, how can you do this masked? As an instructor you need to see how someone is breathing because it's a large part of doing it correctly. I don't even know if the owner will continue or sell up. A lot of businesses in my area have gone under because of the strict regulations in my state.

My friend just quit her part time teaching job because of it. The worst thing to be right now is a teacher/instructor. It may force me to make a move into the virtual world and just hope for the best. We'll see and thank you for your concern. It's tough facing new beginnings at 65. Just when you think you've got it all planned something like this happens.
I try hard to remember to count my blessings. When I think of how much worse it could be it forces me think of those who are hungry, can't pay their bills, or those who are sick or have a family member die alone from the horrible curse we're all living through. I'm not really an optimistic person by nature, so this is a real stretch for me to be sure. At my age I'm afraid I'll never live long enough to hear the words "Remember the pandemic of 2020?" My mother lived to old age and remembered the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 killed 675,000 in the USA when she was 10 yrs. old. She told me all about it and I never thought I'd see her nightmare with my own eyes.
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This virus is what I call a "Blame Virus." The fear is causing some people to blame anyone they can - usually out of ignorance....."You stood too close to me"......"You breathed near me"....."You sneezed when you were 5'11" from me, instead of the recommended 6 feet"....."You were wearing the wrong type of mask, or wearing it improperly"...."You touch too many things"......You have too many friends at your house"......"You have a dog"....."You have a cat"......"Don't you know pets can spread it?"

My nephew is married & has a 2 year old daughter & a boy on the way. I can understand his concern, but for several months, he wouldn't eat anything his mother cooked. He was afraid that his mother would pick up Coronavirus in the market & contaminate the food while she cooked it.
He was also afraid to let his mother (the child's grandmother) visit until recently.
I won't go near my nephew or his wife or kids; they might blame me if anyone got sick - "You've been going for walks outside"........& I don't need that crap, so I just stay away.....not worth the stress.