I feel naked when.......

Capt Lightning

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Having just read this post, I notice that Laurie mentioned a necktie. At secondary school, it was a matter of pride to be able to tie a 'full Windsor' knot in your tie. This didn't matter much at university, but my work was mostly a suit and tie environment. I haven't worn a tie since I stopped work some 12 years ago so I wondered if I could remember how to tie a Windsor knot. I dug out an old tie and yes!, I could remember. Maybe a bit like riding a bike, you don't forget.

I feel 'naked' without my wedding ring and wristwatch.


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Yep. My rings. Don't wear them around the house.I can't get in my car without them. Very strange..


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Nrw Jersey
Me too about the earrings Ronni !! I forgot to put a pair on and went out one time and I was horrified when I realized it. :D I don't have pierced ears and have clip ons to match all my outfits.


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My glasses that I have worn for 71 years. Not the same pair though. :confused:
Well, I've got that one covered. I can't even get out of bed without mine, so I wouldn't leave the house without them. In fact, my optometrist asked me, "Where the hell did you get these eyes?"


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I feel naked when I go to a party and don't know anyone there.

In fact I dream about it.
Yes, that can be awkward.

And it sounds like an interesting topic for another thread - Let's go start a thread called "Breaking the Ice" shall we? (After doing a search for similar threads first - of course.)


I only feel naked when I take my clothes off. One of my sisters feels naked if she hasn't got any makeup on. I never wear any, I dislike the feeling of it on my skin.


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My phone, my purse, earings….

A list if going to the store, always my necklace, a watch, and look decent....You never know who you will bump into in the store....or any where else in the town....


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I feel naked without me eyebrows on. I am very good at making it look like I have more than I really do.