I saw this today and it cracked me up !LOL


I got Bruce Willis and Matt Demon but not Robert de Niro and I agree that they look better as men
The guy who cut my hair for years was a female impersonator on the weekends. He was firmly convinced that nobody could tell he wasn't female and would tell stories about guys who would pick him up and then be "so surprised" that he wasn't a woman.

So.....I finally got a chance to see him "in drag". Uh, believe me, any guy who was "so surprised" to find out he was a woman was either lying or had been at sea for three years and was half blind to boot. Great makeup, great hair, great clothes........but face......well...…. (first of all, he had a 5 o'clock shadow).

One day he told me that he and a couple of the other "girls" were going to a local "cowboy dance hall" to "pick up some cowboys". I begged him not to go, because those "cowboys" would stomp them into grease spots in the parking lot if they tried to ply their wares on them. He finally agreed to pass on the dance halld.

I like him a lot and he was a good soul but he suffered some serious delusions......serious....