If you live alone, do you still do basic cooking


I tend to do basics during the work week but I love to get a little more fancy (and expensive) on weekends. Usually on Saturday as I have all day to prepare & cook then the next day to clean up and recover (with left-overs :love:)

Did a med-rare rack of lamb a couple of weeks ago with cauliflower/white sauce and roasted spuds! Was delicious (y)

If you can read, you can cook.
I agree. Just get a basic cookbook at first, follow the directions, and voila! you are cooking. Basic cooking isn't all that complicated.

One of my young assistants at work was despairing of ever being able to cook. I asked her what she was trying to do, and she was trying exotic recipes that would have required a lot of knowledge and skill. I presented her with a Better Homes and Gardens cookbook (the one with the red checked cover -- they've been around forever) and pretty soon she was happily having great success and even bringing in things to share. You have to start with simple things, liking baking a chicken, making a stew, etc., which anyone can do if they can read and follow instructions, before you venture into trickier stuff.