Interesting statement and question..for discussion


My Navy son's training was in anti-nuclear sub weaponry and that was all he could tell us. After 4 yrs at Whidbey Island he declined to reup unless he got sea duty. When he left that assignment he was required to burn his 'notes'.

EDIT: The reason he held out for sea duty was his maternal line is full of Navy and some Marines. My paternal grandfather was a Navy man in WWI. My Dad a Merchant Marine in WWII (blind in one eye at the time disqualified him from other services) and had personal small cabin boats for decades. One of my sisters was in Navy. ex husband was in the Navy during our marriage , and at one stage during his career he was assigned to a secret shore based operational headquarters... so when asked by other navy wives where my husband was serving I couldn't say....
"He/she keeps a secret..

the same as holding on to a wet bar of soap. "

Can you keep a secret?.

i keep many secrets. people tell me things at work i'm not sposed to know about all the time. i never say anything. i just run around with all this knowledge and grin.
I absolutely can. For one thing, I've always been one to honor a person's request to not tell something. But that was reinforced by the work I did. I interviewed STD patients and had to do contact tracing. When talking to the partners of these patients, we were not permitted to tell them who gave their names, even when it was their wives. Talk about being able to keep secrets. :)