Journey to the End

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Thanks a million 😊

Best of luck @Ruthanne with that journey.

Eventual mortal eternal death...the worst unavoidable, sad truth being an organic mortal intelligent entity that loves life and existence.

Just one possible, very uncertain, way out.
Thank you even if I don't quite understand.
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You're not going anywhere that the rest of us aren't going to as well. Some of us before you, some of us later, but we all get there sooner or later. ❤️
If that was supposed to be supportive/helpful, then thanks. I have made posts since my ones on death, too. When the doctor tells you how long you've got get back to me.
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I have known people to be given timeframes for dying that outlived it by many years. I don’t think doctors should guess because no one knows. Wishing you all the best with your appointments and tests.