My Favorite Bakery!


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My favorite bakery … has very large, soft cookies that are delicious treats.

I only buy 2 and cut them up into quarters or pie-slice-shaped parts, the same day,
and put them into a freezer baggie. They stay fresh in the freezer, and the small pieces are great for the occasional sweet reward. :)

@SeaBreeze I love those funny and delicious looking creative masterpieces!

and @Meanderer I love that funny Half-birthday cake!
What a great idea, and would be so easy to bake one layer, cut in half, put one on top.

Even better though, if someone else bakes it and we just buy it!:LOL:

I wouldn't even try to make any of those ingenious ones that Seabreeze obviously bakes and is humble about it.:ROFLMAO:


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An Ode To The Sticky Bun

"There are several schools of thought when it comes to breakfast pastries. There are the French loyalists, who rely on a time-honored repertoire of croissants, brioche, and pain au chocolat. Then there’s the anything-goes sweet tooth contingent—lovers of sticky buns and coffee cake, donuts and muffins, not bound by patisserie tradition but looking for a breakfast that’s gooey and satisfying.
Can these two camps ever reach across the aisle? "

Yes, they can—in the morning bun:
"In my mind, the morning bun is the perfect synthesis of the classic croissant and the irresistible sticky bun. Call it a croissant in cinnamon roll clothing. It’s made of a buttery croissant dough, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar (and often walnuts or pecans), then rolled into spirals. Each one is baked in a muffin tin, and when the morning buns rise, they spill up and out of their little slots. Kept in close quarters, the bottom stays a bit doughy, like a sticky bun interior, while the top lifts into an appealingly flaky, cinnamon-speckled dome."