My Favorite Bakery!

Hot Cross Buns
When I was a little kid, and everything was closed on Sundays, my aunt and I noticed these in a bakery window. I'd never seen them before, and asked her what they were. She said they're what "Catholics eat on Palm Sunday, which is the first day of Passover." Didn't exactly have her facts straight, I guess, but she had a good heart! :)


Manitoba, Canada
One of my favorite things are...Apple Cinnamon Buns...from Sobeys bakery in the food store, good thing they're an hour away, i will buy 2 or 3 dozen and freeze them.
Actually my kitchen is my favorite, always have a supply of Banana Double Chocolate Bran muffins.
Sunday, i made pies for the first time in about 5 years, proud to say, i still know how.:):):)
Made 2 strawberry pies, always use crisco shortening, no sugar in the berries, minute tapioca for thickening
I have used a great technique for rolling out the pastry.....roll out between 2 sheets of wax paper....everytime you turn over, lift the paper, your pastry won't stick don't need the extra flour for rolling this way....the extra flour makes the pastry tough....sets into your pie plate so easy.
I have done this all my life.
Many years ago, Crisco had advertisements for this tip....but i have been doing this long before.
Wonder if i should have paton my trick.....maybe i could have been rich....or not.
As for my 2 pies, i gave one away....should quit doing that. :);):).