My wonderful Wife, Sue passed away

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My wonderful Wife, Sue passed away​


You're experiencing the only fear I have left

my thoughts and prayers are so with you

I know you love to write
....and you do it well

Might be good to do


I have no idea
Gary's thoughts echo my own. I bring my sleeping wife the hot drink that she so enjoys waking up to. Seeing her there, so peacefully asleep, I think, don't you dare leave me, not for one second does it occur to me that I might be the one doing the leaving.

My heart aches with your sad loss, we say those vows at our weddings, "until death us do part," but death, that's thousands of years away. It's only when we suddenly find that we really do grow old that we realise the enormity of that death vow. Truly, my prayers are with you, and if you have been asked to live a while longer without the lady who has been your Raison d'ĂŞtre, remember her anniversary not as the day she died but more, her spiritual birthday. Peace be with you. Peace of heart, peace of mind and peace of solace.
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Thinking of you Moosehead.......

I'm so very sorry for your loss.
Come and see us more often.đź’ś


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Having posted many stories about my adventures with my beautiful wife Sue it is with a devastated heart that I now write that she passed away on Monday, July 12/21. I am so lost. She was...No..Is the love of my life and I only wish that I can be with her soon. She was such a caring, fun person to be with....Loved by all who met her. She was the inspiration for my short tales of adventure. So missed, so loved......
Sorry for your loss, Moosehead. :(
Thank you all so much for your kind words. It is comforting to hear from so many of you and it helps. Sue was a blessing and I miss her so much.
Sue and I always hugged each other and shared many kisses , always walked hand in hand everywhere we went. I am so lost. She was my reason for living....Once again thank you all.....God bless you all.
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loss of wife sympathy with butterfly on calla lily card.jpeg @moosehead I'm so deeply saddened from the loss of your TRUE LOVE. My heartfelt sympathy is with you through your upcoming grief for your love of your life. She will be with you every second of every day. Her memories will be yours to cherish........TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.