Name of your old teachers

Don't remember her name as she was a teacher at my mother's school in Darjeeling. My mother said she was nice but a bit odd. The teacher had a heart attack and when the authorities were called, they discovered "she" was in fact a "he". They were all astonished when they heard the news.

Does anyone remember the names of your old grade school teachers?
Vividly recall several

Mrs Wadsworth comes to mind

A little story;

The Wadsworth Years

Mrs Wadsworth was our teacher for a couple years…..actually 2 ½ years, as she stepped in when Mr Taboli made his infamous exit.
The white coats didn’t come to get him, but after the zip gun affair we never saw Mr Taboli again…our first conquest.

Mrs Wadsworth was different.
She was old, and done with it all, but folks gathered around her and conned herout of retirement.
Turns out she’d run a concentration camp of grades six thru eight back in Milton-Freewater for centuries.
Quite the disciplinarian, as she could still wield a bamboo rod with the deftness of a samurai.
And those high top orthopedic oxfords that housed her rheumatoid ankles were nothin’ to mess with either.
She stood about five six, and weighed in at oh say 97 lbs, but still had apresence about her.
I got her to smile a couple times, but usually she wore this sour look, like she just got fed some horse shit, of which we tried.
She had what was sometimes referred to as denture face, some real jowls, kinda looked like Deputy Dawg’s gramma….and she used it to her advantage, lookin’down on you thru her bifocals.
Eddy P, the terror of turd grade, was putty in her gnarly hands, and even his little brother, satan of second grade, was no match.
So things were as quiet as they could be in those two years.

We all respected her, and I even admired her, and I’d like to think she got a charge outta me, as she would single me out as an example for others not to follow.
When she gave me her special attention, I’d notice her neck would commence to sorta blossom into a rather deep crimson beginning at the start of her collar and creeping up to her chin.
This aurora was gradual, and mesmerizing.

Grammar was her specialty, and diagramming sentences on the black board was what we all did, over and over…past participles and me became friends, as we both found our little special place in the parse tree of life.
I can remember the names of my elementary school teachers, some fondly, others as also-rans. To mention my first, kindergarten teacher Miss Wick…she had an angular, hatchet-type face, and never married. She once blamed me for something I never did, and once kept me after dismissal for the hideous sin of talking! But I dropped in on her retirement party as a teenager, and she got all teary-eyed. RIP, Miss Wick…🥲

We had Nuns that did their training as prison officers.
As we moved around often, I could not remember the primary school nuns, but I certainly remember the high school ones.

. Sister Mary Gerard - Had a caliper on one leg and looked like Charles Laughton, would whack you with her walking stick.
Sister Mary Malachy - very cruel woman and belt the kids with her bamboo cane and thumped you on the back often. and spat on your face because she never had a handkerchief.
Sister Mary Clare - Hooked nose and hairs growing out of warts on her face- Wilmer the Witch. -, bashed us often and broke a bone in one of the girls' hands.
Why did they have to be so cruel? The children today don't know how lucky they are as if any teacher did that to them, they would be hauled over the coals by the Education Department.
We all had a poem for Sister Malachy.

Sister Malachy - common noun, parse her up and parse her down,
Neuter gender - objective case - governed by her ugly face.
We moved around a lot within a city or state
Kindergarten: Miss Saydak (Rochester, NY)
1st grade: Mrs. Hart/Miss Lindy
2nd grade: Miss DeSoto/Mrs. Bucklin
3rd grade: Mrs. Taggart
4th grade: Mrs. Lipton/Mrs. Flynn (Rochester/West Henrietta, NY)
5th grade: Mr. Craig/Mrs. Taylor (left for maternity leave), Miss Tatoul (Holley, NY/Juno Beach, Florida)
6th grade: Mr. Thomas/ Mr. Foster (Juno Beach/Lake Park, Florida

Locations listed is where my family was living at the time, not where the school was located. In Florida, children living in Juno Beach, went to school in North Palm Beach. During the summer it was changed. The following year, I had to go to school in Jupiter. That's the small city in Florida, not the actual planet of the same name. :) I'm glad that I didn't attend school in a place called Uranus. o_O
Yep...Ms. Johnson- Dr. Parker- Ms. Gray- Mrs. Simons- Mrs. Coleman- Mrs. Simon[she taught me twice]- Mr. Grigsby...Elementary school was just a fun place, those teachers were nice but they didn't take no gruff from us.
Remember all but one. They were wonderful people except for the very young “questionable” one that taught 5th grade. She was quite “progressive” other than her ethnic jokes and other inappropriate remarks. And she took me in a back room and screamed at me because I called home to have a project (that I worked hard on) to be brought in because I forgot it. She also yelled at one of my classmates for many minutes when she froze up in front of a video camera traumatizing her even more. I swear she was Hitler’s lost daughter.