Random Pictures taken using your Phone..Let's see yours

On my phone but not taken by me. It's a photo of my father at 21, just before he went off
to war. It was originally taken on celluloid and someone far cleverer than me, transferred a
copy to my phone. My father was captured on The Island of Crete, he spent four years in a
prisoner of war camp. Dad passed away in 2010, at the age of 92. Remembrance day is on
the 11th of November, I shall say a prayer and light a candle for my beloved father.
We found a Mockingbird fledgling on the ground in our garden. We nourished it with worms from a pet store, as well as other insects we could find. It grew and grew and became our pet. We called it "Charlie." But eventually we opened the window and let it fly off. On the first evening, it came back and stayed with us for the night. But when it flew off on the second day, we never saw it again. Though at nights we heard a Mockingbird singing beautifully; was it our Charlie? (Sorry for the poor quality; it's a photo of a picture from our family album.)

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