Right now, what’s on top of your refrigerator?


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For umpteen years I’ve had a beautiful cutting/serving board made by an artisan sitting on top of the fridge. It was never used and had a scuzzy film on it. It was easier to let it sit there than do anything with it. If I can’t see it, it’s not a problem. Being short, I can’t see lots of things. Mentioned it to an neighbour who’s a retired cabinet maker. He took a look and brought it back a few hours later. It’s beautiful. Now I can’t store it on top of the fridge.


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My fridges are full height - just over six feet and built in with cupboards on top that contain kitchen appliances that I use only occasionally



Right now, what’s on top of your refrigerator?

An electric drill, screws, rawlplugs, shelf brackets.
I might put the brackets on the wall this afternoon, but I think I said that last week too, well there's no hurry, the shelf hasn't been delivered yet. :)


A 20" Quasar TV ( both American and British systems ) with VCR.
We bought it in England around 1989 or so.
It is plugged in, the light blinks so it still might work.
Meaning to take it down, but what to do with a 'tube' TV.
Then I'd probably be told to install a cabinet above the fridge.
Sure sounds like WORK to me, so I'll leave it till 'She Who Must Be Obeyed' has had enough.
( Reference from "Rumpole of the Bailey" ):)

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Nothing these days, but I used to keep my cigarettes and lighter on top of the fridge when my kids were little.

In my childhood home mom kept the radio/clock on top of the fridge.