Roughing it on holiday, (you dont know what you are missing,.....!)


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Thanks for sharing your photos and stories, @grahamg. I felt I was there. Unfortunately, camping is not something I enjoy. I am too sensitive to my surroundings and would stay up all night "hearing" everything. But I admire people who can do this.
I'm getting the sense I'm yet to win quite a few over to my point of view here, (no surprise there if you've read any of my posts on the "Family and Relationships" section), but I've got a little more to say that will either put you off further or make come over to the "rougher side".

First I have to admit my tent featured above did let me down a little the night before last, and had I stayed all night in the tent I would have awoken with wet feet, (luckily I'd decamped to the car when the rain started coming down a little harder, and was too tired even to try going back to the tent).

Anyway, running repairs carried out upon the tent yesterday, (by the addition of an extra curtain across the entrance, made from an old waterproof jacket), and bobs you're uncle and I managed to get through the whole night in the tent again, even though the rain was much heavier!

Here is the "kicker", next to my makeshift concocted tent I've had two very professionally designed expensive tents over the last two nights, one an expensive one you can apparently put up in four minutes because all the tent poles stay in place in the tent material, and just snap into the correct position when you erect it, and the second looks more like a home from home, with different rooms or areas all linked together, covering quite a bit of ground, (albeit housing a family of four).

However, who really wants a holiday where you're essentially "home from home"?

Isn't a bit of excitement whereby the chance of wet feet in the morning a possibility a more appealing prospect?

Yeah, you know somewhere your wild side says "well maybe I could give it a go"!

Here are some photos taken this morning to persuade you further:

Malham Tarn.1a.jpg

Malham Park.2a.jpg

Malham Park.1.jpg


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Okay very last photos as I'm halfway through my last day in the Yorkshire Dales, (for now), and I've taken down the makeshift tent that has just about managed to keep me whole and hearty for almost three fairly rainy weeks, (here is a photo of said tent just to remind you, followed by a photograph of the most extraordinary looking canal barge seen close to where I was staying, "someone after my own heart has designed this one obviously!):

GG tent concotion.1.JPG

Barge near Skipton.3.JPG