Skills or talents we're proud of but hardly anyone knows


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Do you have a skill or talent that hardly anyone knows about but you're secretly or very proud of...?

For example... I can whistle through my's not something I'd shout about but it's a little bit of secret talent... what about you..big or small :D


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I had to look up bunka.
Wow. I had seen some examples of this before but didn't know the name. Pinky, you are talented if you can do this!
After my mother passed away, I went through her sewing box. There were samples of her embroidery and a hollow tube with a "needle" on the end of it. I researched it, and found out it was a Bunka needle - so, I took a class. It's time-consuming, but if one has a lot of patience, they can create some very lovely "thread paintings". We started off with a basic "fuzzy" cat. It was "brushed" with a fine wire "brush" after it was done. I gave away everything I made (if you don't frame them behind glass, they tend to catch dust). The threads are unusual .. and pricey.