Stealing napkins, toilet tissue, soap...REALLY?

Yup, there are lots of people, who swipe stuff even if they can't use them. Well, TODAY, I could afford a truckload of toilet paper. But I'm back to living at home, where there's a little bit left in my bank account at the end of the month. If I had remained "at the home", eventually there would be no balance what so ever. That was a fear I had while living at the home. Surprisingly, I wasn't the only one there who was worried if they were going to outlive their income. So, if I had to, hitting up Mickey D's for toilet paper realy doesn't bother me. Ya gotta do, what you gotta do. It ain't purty, but...........


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That applies to lots of areas/cities. But,ever see a well-dressed person grab a handful of Sweet 'n' Lows, stuff them into their pocket or designer purse, and get into a new car? I sure have.

I'm more outraged by the corporate robber barons that are ripping us off by the billions. When the last one of them has been dragged out of their boardrooms into the street by an angry mob and strung up from a utility pole a-la-Mussolini, then I'll worry about the people stealing the sweet and lows.


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There are a lot of people out there living on the ragged edge. I've been there myself. I can't really blame them for doing what they can to survive.
Back in the 1960s when I was at teachers college the students from the country who were batching in the city on a very limited scholarship would take the soap from wash basins in public toilets. I was glad that I was still living at home when I saw this.

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My mom was quite affluent. Her home consisted of napkins from anywhere she was including condiment packages of ketchup, etc., you wanted salt & pepper, a drawer full of those little packets, my sister and I took her on a cruise and she took everything in the bathroom that wasn’t nailed down. Toilet paper.....spare rolls in a hotel, cruise ship bathroom, public rest rooms...... get the jist of this. The Sams Club by her had sauerkraut in the food court area, we always knew when she went to Sams, there’d be sauerkraut available at her house.
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Oh, yes, I have a lot of stories about “employee theft.” Everything from gas to tools to pipes to lumber and on and on. But, here’s a better one.

When I was on patrol on 3rd shift and working out of the Erie Barracks, I was driving down Interstate 90 and was about to exit when I saw a man pushing a basket cart. There was no doubt in my mind that he was homeless. Normally, I never bothered them because I always told myself that they had more problems than enough without me bugging them. But, I had a little time to kill, so I thought that I would check him out. (We are requested to do welfare checks on people that we suspect to be homeless.)

I pulled up in front of him and when I approached him, I asked him the usual questions and thought everything was fine. I asked him where he got the cart and he told me that he found it by the road. (Yeah, OK.) The law is that if anyone is in possession of stolen property, whether they stole it or not, we’re supposed to take back the property and as long as it’s value is less than a hundred dollars, we are to let them go.

When I looked at the cart, I saw it was full of his personal belongings. What am I supposed to do? Make him unload his stuff and put the cart in my SUV? I had a better idea. I knew there was a McDonald’s at the end of the off ramp, so I asked him if he would wait 5 or 10 minutes until I came back and he said he would.

I drove down to the restaurant and bought a $20.00 gift card. When. I got back, I really didn’t think he would have stuck around, but he did. I gave him the gift card and left. Out of curiosity, I turned around and drove back, only to see him going into the restaurant. I thought, “Good for him.”


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A theft occurring at my apt complex: dogs are allowed on the very nice grounds (with a larger deposit & extra rent for any pet) & people are required to clean up the poo. There are specially placed waste cans, and were supplying a dispenser for poo bags, until someone consistently started stealing the whole supply every time they were filled. Now it's bring your own & heavenhelp us when the local plastic groc ban goes into effect.