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Hawk- Moth or, Life Without The Internet

(Subfamily: Sphinginae (Sphinginae)

A long time ago, on a bright sunny day, before home PC's and smart phones, I saw this creature drawing nectar from my tall phlox in the garden. At first I thought hummingbird, but way too small.

I had to run in the house, grab my 35mm which thankfully had film in it, ran back out and got a few shots. Luckily, it was still there.

Off to the nearby Fotomat to drop off the film for developing. Picked up the prints the next day.

Then, off to the library to look at pictures of critters found in flower gardens and was dumbstruck to learn it was a moth! In daylight. With a long proboscis.

I never noticed one again.
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dumbstruck to learn it was a moth! In daylight.
I have seen these, occasionally. Thank you for the reminder and the wonderful post, and amazing photo!

I had noticed them by their flight pattern, and their size, color and shape is a bit unique, appearing to be a cross between a hummingbird and a large moth, but of course, there's no such thing.
It's one or the other, not bird and insect. :LOL:


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A long time ago, on a bright sunny day, before home PC's and smart phones,
I also enjoyed the entertaining ways , you told your personal tale, about that wild life encounter you had, long ago, and only once. A special experience to have had, and to remember, and to share. (y)


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Oops, my mistake. I felt some doubt just after I chose that word, but left it in. :confused::rolleyes:

The picture is good to have with your story, anyway. :)


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I actually loved the story, even if it had not been your actual experience.
It's nice and well written, even if fiction, too. :):LOL:


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I want at least one of them as a pet, lol!
If you are an otter, they might let you adopt one or two! ;)

(I am not sure you are an otter, because I don't think there are any Pink ones! :ROFLMAO: )

Right now, I am wishing I was an otter, so I could apply too! :):LOL:

Though we don't even know they are orphans, we just want them! lol
I can't believe how cute they are. And how furry.
I'd have expected them to be smoother. They must live on both land and in water. Wonderful and funny swimmers, they are!

One thing I love about wild ducks, is that they live on water, land or in the air! They actually fly very well, despite their large and chunky bodies. Their wings are so large, and the heavy adult wild ducks, easily lift themselves aloft, from floating on the water, or from walking on land.


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Isn't that amazing, that the birds landing and taking off, are not bothered by those prickers on that pricker bush shrub!