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Where exactly is Chad, when we NEED him?:oops:

I haven't seen either... Kilroy or Chad in years, :confused:
and I am afraid they both might have quit, :cautious:

or worse, they may have retired and moved to Florida! :cry::(

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I know my vision is quite poor, but that Tommy looks like he is drinking out
out a regular coffee cup. I'm a looking and a looking, finally figured it is the
angle of the photo, that makes an army mess tin look like regular cup.

All right that's cool, then a fella post an anachronism: 'Coffee, Mate.'
Hump! wonder how long it took to figure out where the comma went?
I'm thinking these clever people out'ta be run outa town,
Coffee, Mate indeed.
Both of 'um need a long talk with Em.

I been a'noticeing Pink and Pap been sliding down to the clever side, that's okay, Em ain't busy

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