What is your typical at home wear?


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New Jersey, USA
The more comfortable the better. When I am down the shore at my son's almost anything goes. It's beach area and the weather dictates what we wear. I'll be going down on the 22nd to prepare to spend Thanksgiving with my boy. We are going back to our old days when it was just us. When his wife was alive, it was always with her family, but not any more. Now it's is our family which consists of just the 2 of us. So, we will not dress up. He usually wears shorts year round inside and a sport shirt and I wear lounge clothing. When I was a kid, we'd always have to dress for dinner. My dad insisted on that, but none of us enforced that with our kids.


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It’s winter, so I’m in my jeans with a long sleeve t-shirt. My beloved well-broken in jeans are nearly thread bare now. Sure wish I could find some that fit this well again. If I’m going shopping, I change to better jeans. In March when Covid started, I didn’t care what I wore out to the store. I was there for so short of time that I didn’t care and ran home and put everything into the washing machine.

I always start the day with a shower. Absolutely no pj’s in the daytime.

Back when I did things with other people, my usual attire was jeans or nice pants with a blazer. I‘m fond of vests.

In the summer I wear skirts or dresses. Never shorts.

No outdoor shoes inside. My slippers are basically a shoe (Merrill) because I need a solid base. They never go outside. DH is the same way.


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Houston, Texas
I cut the neck off my t-shirts and the sleeves making them "roomy". I wear loose fitting shorts. I never go outside dressed this way so that gives you an idea how it looks. I would go barefoot if it weren't for the body oil on the carpet.


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Nashville TN
At home I wear leggings and tunic tops with fuzzy socks in the winter, and sundresses or shorts and sleeveless tees and flip-flops in the summer.

If we're out and about, depending on what time we get home, I'll either change into the above, or change directly into pajamas.


Levis, a cute top or sweater,and a zippered sweatshirt tied around my waist. That's during the day , if I'm out and about. And work, when working.

As soon as I get home it is off w/the bra, and in to my pj's, socks and slippers. Hair in a ponytail.