Which would you rather be in -Earthquakes or Tornados?

Geezer Garage

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Been in several Hurricane's/Typhoons, and we get mild quakes here in NW CO on rare occasions. Had twisters come through southern Wisconsin as a kid. One took the big roll up doors out of my dad's shop, while totally destroying a commercial building a few hundred feet away. I've always liked extreme weather.


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When I lived in Long Beach back in the 70s the elderly lady that lived next door had living there when a strong quake hit, I believe in 1933. She said there were a lot of red brick buildings that were damaged/destroyed.
But I was born in 1939. So the Long Beach couldn't have caused my crossed eyes. Then we saw a picture of my mothers other daughter and her eyes were also crossed but her grandmother didn't take her to an optometrist.


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I've been in several earthquakes. Thankfully, none of them were too damaging to me personally. I've never been near a damaging tornado. I've tried to live in places where these two phenomena are less prevalent. I'll join the others who said, none for me please.