Why Are People Hoarding Hydrogen Peroxide?


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With both hand sanitizer and alcohol being in short supply, some people are using it to disinfect things. I use it for cuts and mouthwash {only when I run out of the other mouthwash}. As far a sanitizing goes, pure grain alcohol works well, outside and in.
I hope you're referring to hydrogen peroxide and not ammonia! :eek:


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The other active ingredient in the WHO formula is rubbing alcohol - and I had no idea that it came in different strengths, either! Mine was a little shy of 100 proof - sadly, I don't have any moonshine to substitute! (-:
We are better off using 70% instead of 90% because it does not evaporate from the surfaces as quickly as 90%. Also, speaking of moonshine Everclear grain alcohol is recommended if all else is not available. It is available in all liquor stores. Do not drink it unless you know what the stuff is.


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The Walmarts in my area have never run out of hydrogen peroxide. It has been available throughout the Covid 19 crisis and today Walmart shelves were fully stocked with the product.
I was surprised to see earloop face masks today at Wmart, 50 masks for $30 which is a much better price that I have seen on the web. They even had some hand sanitizer at the regular price.
However, Lysol spray is not on the shelves.