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Greetings, Thank you for sharing. My name is Chris or handle of chris21E.

Have not shared as much as you have but understand, I stop going to the senior center and joined here instead.
Currently in CA hope you enjoy this site.
I just read your post (#31) in 'Are you afraid?' in response to Squatting Dog's earlier post about his experience in Vietnam and I want to say that I have been very moved by both posts. I cannot begin to imagine the horrors that you both experienced but your honest posts have made me stop and think. No need to apologise for sharing your feelings.
Just read your post in the thread 'Are you afraid?' (#27) and it touched me more than you can know. I cannot imagine what it was truly like for you in Vietnam but your post has given me a glimpse of the hell that you experienced. Thank you for your frank and honest revelation.
Pappy! I love your new avatar❤️ What a good photo.
You and your wife are a beautiful happy couple
and it'll put a smile on my face every time I see it.
How long have you been married?
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66 years this December. She’s is the best. :love:
I'm not sure :sneaky: that your new pumpkin avatar, is overly friendly-looking! :giggle: :LOL:
But I do love that carving, and his dear, endearing expression, and pitiful set of teeth.😁 That would make a great decoration for any dentist's porch!:LOL:
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You got it; that's Frank Pumpkin's grin-and-bear-it smile.
Not having the best month up to now, but I just got off the phone with Paxton's caseworker....something great could be in the works!
That said, I'm not quite all-in yet, so the pumpkin stays. 🤪
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You're right; that's perfect for grin-and-bear it!:cool:
Hopefully things will improve, but in this life, we'd better hold onto the pumpkin as is, for a while.;)
Changed it right after my lumbar corticosteroid injection got scheduled.
I finally got the injection yesterday.
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Your car reminds me of my first car which was a 1952 MG TD which I bought in 1958. The grill and headlights have a similar look. And my older sister had a 1937 Chevy coupe with a rumble seat. What fun.
A little late, but, Happy Birthday Micka.
Just think, now that you are 21 with the key of the door, the world is your oyster. Enjoy your day. :)
Hi! I was in Holy Loch in 1962 and rode on the George Washington and the Abraham Lincoln. Which sub was your dad on?
A heads up. Sifuphil is no longer with us so he won't be able to answer your question in the conspiracy theory thread.
Thanks, guess I did not know. A hazard of a new guy responding to an old thread I guess.
Who has been to Nashville at night? It comes alive and there’s a party everywhere! We chose a carriage ride 😂 such party animals we are 🤣😂
you be on this forum a bit longer and I may ask then if you want phone live voice conversation. I find I miss that also.

was aiming at Aussies Folk
with the Waltzing Matilda, the unofficial Aussie Anthem
I have great attraction to Australia, no sure why, just do.

You a thinker-seems so.
Ohioboy is a thinker, several others
Saw "On the Beach" long, long ago.
What was that sound track about, especially at the ending.
I vaguely remembered it when we got PC's
What is this 'Waltzing Matilda'?
Investigated 'Waltzing Matilda-'My oh My, like the Aussies, my kind of people.
Sunny, i noticed and corrected my mistake on the 'Marg?' before it was closed. Posted an 'Apology to Pepper and Sunny' in General Discussions but i can't find it now. Mistake was public, apology should be, IMO. This close as i could get, took me a while to find your page.
Pepper, i noticed and corrected my mistake on the 'Marg?' before it was closed. Posted an 'Apology to Pepper and Sunny' in General Discussions but i can't find it now. Mistake was public, apology should be, IMO.
I'm Bryce Hutchison aged 64, married for 37 years and living on the west coast of Tasmania Australia
I just noticed you live 50 miles south of lake erie. We moved 7 years ago from Meadville, PA to AZ and we're going back in the Spring. This time we're looking for a house in Erie. Where are you? Maybe we'll be neighbors...haha.