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    Mazlow's Hierarchy of Needs

    Ah, Ronni - I've always found Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs depressing. You see that broad band of purple at the bottom? That's where I've spent most of my life. Oh well, at least I made it onto the chart!
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    Did You Accomplish Anything Today?

    Today, I fretted over an issue with a nasty neighbor and I picked my blueberries and tomatoes - the peas are done and I don't feel like doing a second planting. I also put up a cage around the tomato plant - it's 'indeterminant.' That means that it just keeps getting bigger and bigger and...
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    Comet Watch - It's now or never

    No luck seeing it here - and unless I opt for REALLY long-term cryo-suspension, I'll never see this one. Congratulations, lucky viewers!
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    Old-fashioned clothesline drying...

    I LOVE brilliantly engineered designs! I'd love to have one of these 'multipurpose' creations in my back yard!
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    Lightning Strikes - July is the deadliest month!

    Since you and your mother were very close (and I envy you), I doubt that she would send a ball of lightning as a greeting! Great story, though! Thanks for sharing! By the way, I'd enjoy seeing ball lightning - from a distance!
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    Syzygy - An old WOTD in a picture... Planets Align!

    Another event 'miss' likely due to weather here in Ohio - too bad, as this one should be easy for everyone (well, obviously not everyone) to spot.
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    The Sun-spectacular new photo

    Your post got me into researching answers to my questions, and my 'theories' were okay. I also found this image that raised another question in my mind... Looking in the upper right corner, there seems to be a very dense (almost solid) looking mass... Again, I have no idea what caused this...
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    Word of the Day: Nudiustertian

    I was surprised to learn that the word 'nudiustertian' had nothing to do with nudity!
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    Word of the Day: Prolific

    Once upon a time, I was a prolific reader and writer; but as I age, this seems to be rapidly diminishing.
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    Word of the Day: Pruch

    I prefer the slang definition of pruch, as it applies to one of my fondest activities: pruch - Urban Dictionary › define › term=pruch SouthWest Scottish word. Verb: to pruch is to rummage or rifle through items. Noun: a pruch is a search - especially at a jumble sale...
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    Word of the Day: Perquisite

    Access to free copying and printing at my old job is one of the perquisites that I most miss!
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    Word of the Day: Sesquipedalian

    One of my writing instructors scolded me for sesquipedalianistic tendencies and told me to keep my writing fit for a third grade reading level! (I dropped her class!)
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    Word of the Day: Quodlibet

    Quodlibet is one archaic term that I have never used in Scrabble - and often, my custom Scrabble game accuses me of being archaic! From Wikipedia: A quodlibet (/ˈkwɒdlɪbɛt/; Latin for "whatever you wish" from quod, "what" and libet, "pleases") is a musical composition that combines several...
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    The Sun-spectacular new photo

    I wonder if the darker areas indicate cooler areas? This may be an erroneous assumption... perhaps they are solar dust clouds? Don't know. /-;
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    Lightning Strikes - July is the deadliest month!

    Wow - sparking carabiners! Does that mean that the rocks you were clinging to were charged? I wonder if attached ropes would possible catch fire? Yikes!