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    What Kind Of Dog Is It?

    My son has one --soft as mi cap
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    Old Family Picture

    As a youngster I spent a lot of time with the American kids fathers were in the forces stationed near my village,two kids I remember came from Texas and two came from Kansas --this pic from Poppy reminds me very much like the kids at the base--happy days.
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    Old Family Picture

    Here is an original picture taken in 1933,it shows my father,2 brothers and a sister along with myg/mother and gg/grandmother,as a youngster the picture was on the wall by the front porch.It was on the wall from 1933 until 1976 when my aunt moved house only to be put back up in the new house...
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    Old Family Picture

    Nice pics Sassy.
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    Flooding in the UK.

    I am in the North of England but fortunate to live on high ground,but 200 yards away it is dense woodland and quite a few large trees are uprooted.
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    Old time Country Music for Seniors Thread

    Quite true Packerman:)and that's coming from a big band man
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    Loretta Lynn: They've Killed Country Music

    That looks a happy couple.
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    Old time Country Music for Seniors Thread

    Merle Haggard. I remember my girlfriend at the time saying to me --are ya gonna kiss me or keepn a strokein that dawg
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    Who's the most famous person you've ever met?

    I have had a chat with Count Basie,a very nice man who signed a picture for me and a few words with his then drummer Butch Miles.
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    Bill's Cosy Corner

    How about a bit of Dixieland folks.
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    Food(s) you loved but hardly eat anymore

    Pigs feet,Lambs Trotters Elder. all gone now.
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    Bird keeping was my hobby for many years until I decided to get rid in 2004 I bred Bourke...

    Bird keeping was my hobby for many years until I decided to get rid in 2004 I bred Bourke Parakeets,Turquisines,Splendids and various types of Canarys,Rollers,Lizard,and Borders --I had a large flight plus a 10ftx8ft cage room the reason I got rid was at holiday time no-one to look after them...
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    The 50s And 60s Was The Best Era For Music. Oh! Yes It Was!

    I saw him live on stage --not very good booed off stage.
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    Dupuytren's Contracture aka Viking Disease

    I have it slightly in one finger left hand.
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    Guess the title

    Judgement at Nuremburg