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    What Have You Lost The Ability To Do Now You're Older ?

    At 75 , I'm fortunate to able to do most physical things ( golf, lawn mowing, edging, tree trimming, etc.) but with more breaks and at a slower pace. I try to stay away from climbing ladders though. Cataract surgery a year ago brought vision back to where it should be so reading and model...
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    How many Baby Boomers do we have here?

    Just missed being a boomer. Born in May, 1945
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    Experiencing buckling of the hip

    My wife is experiencing episodes where her hip buckles. She hasn't fallen yet but it is concerning. Before she goes for a medical evaluation, I was wondering if anyone has experienced this situation and how was it treated.
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    George Floyd was a victim

    I agree with the original statement in this thread. George Floyd was a victim of a horrible criminal act, period.
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    Seniors on Social Security, Have You Received Your Stimulus Check Yet?

    Received our debit card today. Almost threw it away as junk mail because all the outside envelope said was Money Network Cardholder Services
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    When to go back to work, and at what capacity?

    Ronni, You have articulated very well the issue that so many people are grappling with (health vs financial). The only advice I would suggest is to read the latest CDC detailed guidelines which came out yesterday and use that as part of your decision process. Paring down, as you indicated, also...
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    The Costco Shopping During Pandemic Experience

    I'm a frequent Costco shopper but have not gone to the store since social distancing. I have since used their online service twice but quite a few items were out of stock and delivery is slower than before the outbreak.
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    What's brining you joy during this unusual time?

    Keeping busy with model trains, streaming Great Lectures (currently watching a 35 part series on World History), reading, walking. My wife is into jigsaw puzzles and we both enjoy British TV detective shows on Netflix. Kids are scattered in Pennslyvania, Georgia and Puerto Rico so we do a lot...
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    Wondering What's Our Average Age On This Forum

    I'm 74 for two more months.
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    What is your favorite war movie?

    Just saw 1917 today. Wow, pretty gripping.
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    How did you plan emotionally and psychologically for retirement?

    Unlike many on this post, I retired later at the age of 72. ( worked 2/3 time the last year and half) This was due to two primary reasons. The first reason was that I enjoyed my job and second was I wanted to make sure we were financially able to live a life style in retirement similar to the...
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    LTC discussion and self-insure trust discussion

    Some of the recent posts seem to question on the value of LTC for Nursing Home coverage. These arguments have merit for some. I just want to point out the LTC policies (at least ours) includes Stay at Home lifetime benefits as well. This means you can use all of the LTC lifetime benefits for...
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    LTC discussion and self-insure trust discussion

    I agree with Mathjak. While the premiums for our two LTC policies aren't cheap, knowing that a fixed plan is in place for down the road is very comforting. I think it would take a lot of discipline to separate and not touch funds for self insuring, especially if life gets in the way.
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    Who is the first performer you ever saw live in person

    Judy Collins, Baltimore John Denver, Madison Square Garden Dolly Parton, Atlanta Willie Nelson, Atlanta Neil Diamond (40+ years ago and last year at 76 and still great), Philadelphia and Atlanta