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    Most Americans who haven’t gotten a vaccine say they don’t plan to

    And it has been proven safe. So what are we up to 86 million vaccines? At some point responsible and reasonable people have to ask, so what does it take? Doses given Fully vaccinated % of population fully vaccinated 213M 213,000,000 +1.81M +1,810,000 86.2M 86,200,000 +858K +858,000 26.3%
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    Most Americans who haven’t gotten a vaccine say they don’t plan to

    Respectfully, I totally disagree. If the vaccine hadn't been rushed, many more would be dead and or dying now. Life and citizenship come with responsibilities to each other. The civilized world can't and doesn't revolve just around me or you. The vaccine works, it's a lifesaver.
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    Should there be broad-based religious teachings?

    OP, IMO you are pushing your own brand of religion and stirring the pot with your statement. Let it be. Peace out!
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    I’ve been asked to be a moderator.

    JUST DO IT!!!
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    WARNING Signs of a Manufactured Housing CRASH

    I totally agree with all you said except for one thing. Does anyone buy a variable interest (adjusted rate) loan anymore? So I have relatives buying homes, fixed-rate 30 years and they'll pay much less than renting from the get go. Then considering their housing payments are fixed for 30...
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    What do you folks think about this article?

    Sounded phony... someone selling financial planning etc. Bait, to get you to sign up for a free newsletter.
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    What made you happy today?

    Remembering this forum in my bookmarks list just made my day. Really! Even with a younger family all around me, I've felt a bit isolated as of late and it's nice to know there are others out there just like me.
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    Is Retirement All It's Cracked Up To Be?

    Yes! Every day is Saturday. So for me, no more whining. Until God calls me home, I'm going to try my best to just enjoy it.
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    Ooh! I'm jumping in it now! UFO's?

    There have been too many credible reports of sightings to discount the probability that we have been visited. However, I believe these visits are rare, possibly due to the immensity of the universe, or possibly so as not to disturb us. Strange post for a retirement forum? ;-)
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    Medical Coverage For Vets

    It's complicated. I'm a 23 year retiree, Vietnam era vet as well as Gulf War. I was told that my order of payment was Medicare first, with TriCare for Life picking up the balance...Not sure where the Vet Hospital's i.e. the VA falls in. That said I use Roudebush VA in Indianapolis Indiana...
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    What retirement advice would you offer to younger people?

    Don't get married. If you must, think very very carefully about kids and then, this is the important part, stay married! Don't get divorced. Now go back to the start of my post and chant it like a mantra... Do this till you fall asleep and when you wake up tomorrow, have fun, live in the moment...
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    Next chapter: shopping for new car as a single

    If you have the cash to buy a car...don't. Lease the car and put your money to work in something that appreciates not severly depreciates. Buy a blue chip stock like Microsoft or Amazon or Visa instead.
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    Single Seniors - Are You Happier Being Single than Married?

    You are making too much of a mistake. Friend people who share your interests or sentiment, not those who mistakenly message you. As described, it really means nothing.
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    Now That You Happily Retired Do You Have Any Regrets Looking Back?

    I have a younger wife and a boy in HS. While I don't go to work for money, I work every day at home. All I ever seem to do is put out fires and fix things. I regret not being free to be truly retired. I'd like more 'me' time. I really don't feel retired.
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    Having Trouble Sleeping More Than 5 Hours A Night?

    So, anybody else having trouble sleeping more than 5 hours a night? I'm in good health, I've no worries, no chronic pain, work hard outside daily, don't nap either. So what gives and what should I do? I'm starting to drag butt. I do usually have a cup of coffee at 6 pm and that and male prostate...