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    Wearing sneakers to school.

    In elementary school, we were not allowed to wear tennis shoes, as we call them around here. Those were strictly for gym class. I was told once that we could only wear them in gym because otherwise we would track in gravel that would scratch the finish on the shiny wooden floor. By the time I...
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    Have You Started Your Taxes Yet?

    Because we have rental properties our taxes are more complicated than they used to be. We use a cpa. Hubby keeps track of all the receipts, statements, etc. on the business that we need. He has spread them out on the (seldom used) dining room table right now, sorting things out to send in...
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    How Many of You Remove Your Shoes When You Come Inside or Have House Shoes?

    I always take my shoes off when I walk in the door. I almost always come in from the garage. So does my husband and daughter. It keeps the carpet a lot cleaner that way. I understand that it's a hassle to do that so I don't ask guests. The bad thing about this is that I always have a...
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    Gender stereotyping

    Exactly. And this goes not only for entertainment, it goes for girls sports as well, even at the middle school and high school level. Have you ever seen girl's volley ball shorts? Tighter than tight. And yet the guys wear these ugly, baggy to their knees shorts for their sports. Talk about...
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    J.C. Penny..

    I'm surprised that J.C. Penny's is still hanging on. Always have liked their bedding, sheets and towels. I love their white sale in January. Will miss that when they finally close.
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    How often do you wash your hands ?

    eeeeewwww, I never thought of that. Sigh, there goes those wonderful Andes Mints . . . . . . . . .
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    Have You Ever Ordered A Fake Meat Burger?

    I gave it a shot. Tried the fake meat burger at Burger King. I thought it tasted pretty good, but won't eat one again. I don't like the ingredients and the over processing. Give me the beef.
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    My dear dog passed away yesterday morning

    That is such a hard thing to have to go through. Our pets wrap themselves around our hearts and we miss them terribly when they are no longer with us. I am so sorry for your loss.🐶
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    Fake Service Dogs

    Yes it is
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    Separate bedrooms.

    We sleep in the same bed and have for 40 years. We tried the separate rooms route when he started snoring so bad I couldn't get any sleep. I moved into another bedroom. He found out I was serious about him getting a cpap machine. After a few weeks of neither one of us getting any sleep, he...
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    Money-related things that may become obsolete

    @StarSong The businesses that take cash or check only, or at least deal in cash are usually "mom and pop" establishments. I think they realized just how much the credit card charges were eating into their profit margins. What they have done, in effect, is put the charges on their customer's...
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    Money-related things that may become obsolete

    I don't think we are at the point of a totally cashless society quite yet. As a matter of fact, there is a whole cash-paying underground out there if you know where to look. We have had several tenants that paid their rent in cash. Not because they were drug dealers, but because they were...
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    Snowing here so no driving into work for me. Yea!

    Snowing here so no driving into work for me. Yea!
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    So, what is your average retired week like?

    @JimBob1952 "Could be worse. I would like to add a meaningful volunteer activity but I tend to stall out when it comes to actually doing something. " I have been volunteering most of my life for various causes and want to continue this in retirement, too. I am considering volunteer work in...
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    Suzy Orman's financial do's and don'ts

    Cat lady, if you've been a landlord since age 23, you have done very well for yourself. The longer you have properties, the better. I wish I had my properties longer than I have, only a few years. And we are seriously thinking about selling the houses. Tenants can be a pain in the butt. My...