2021 - How's the Weather Where You Are

Winter has decided to show up, here in Arkansas. It has been in the mid 70's and sunny up to just a few days ago.

Today our high for today is expected to be 27°F, and there is a flurry of sleety/snow blowing around! (n)

I'm staying in.....maybe 'til April!


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Last night, winds were howling at 40mph rain changed to snow,winter weather warning was issued for all of WNY. The local TV meterologists said the snow band would hit the city{where I live} hard overnight areas to the north
I woke up around 6:30,winds had subsided,looked out my bedroom window, a couple of inches fell. I ventured outside for my early walk,didn't go far.It was lightly snowing with 20 mph winds,temp was 21.I'm looking out my living room window now, the snow is coming down,we'll probably get a couple more inches,nothing we can't handle. All the public/private schools are closed today


Nicer today than the past few days--it was 43 F. Some wind but not as bad as yesterday. Supposed to have another day like today tomorrow and then Friday back to being colder in the 30s F. Maybe a little snow or snow mix tonight.


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Had to defrost the car this morning at 11am... the ice was solid and thick.... . It turned into a beautiful blue cloudless sky but very cold... Now it;'s gone 9.30pm and it around 2 deg c...just turned the heating on low in the outbuildings because it's going to be below freezing through the night


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Its 37.7 F. which is much warmer than it has been. Our main bathroom froze up, and that really bothered me since I get up an hour or 2 before DH, I keep my puffers there and I do my hair there too. Not to mention the usual. So I really missed it, we have had almost a week of above freezing temps, and I have 'my' bathroom back! I hated trying to sneak into our bathroom to pee without waking him. It seems I am a klutz.


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Snowing, dumping about 2" per hour.

Clean-up should be fun tomorrow. Dealing with over a foot of snow and winds gusting between 35-50 MPH.