2023 - How's the Weather Where You Are?

And yes, we are expecting it yet again, for tonight (Monday) through Wednesday, this week.:rolleyes:
And with strong winds creating possible blizzard conditions, and threats of power outages, again. That's the part that I myself, mind the most.
That's how it is here, too... it was in the 70s about a week or so ago and then there comes the threat of snow again. Right now I hear the wind howling but at least it's not snowing. Very cold again... and my toes are completely frozen. I hope the power stays on during the night but we'll see!

Its finally sunny and NO rain. ive been in a flood order evacuation zone here on the Monterey Peninsula since monday.
We got hit with that atmospheric River that caused a lot of flooding here.
My daughter‘s house is high on the hill so no danger of that but the only way out of neighborhood is River Road which runs along the Salinas River…
Thankfully it never flooded over.
This has been the wettest winter that I can remember in California!
Warmer and sunnier that it has been. High today 37, but windy so it's uncomfortable. No more precip forecast until Monday, then rain or snow for most of next week...

We are now well above the historic high snowpack for this date, still below the highest season but not by much. We still have a few more weeks for more snow so its possible this will be a record. It will help to at least start filling our reservoirs, but we are also bound to get a lot of flooding... The degree of flooding depends on how fast the snow melts, a suddenly warm spring would be the worst case. Amazing, we went from the worst drought in hundreds of years to what will be a record wet year. Just the one won't end the drought, but it will help.

Our snowpack: https://www.nrcs.usda.gov/Internet/...harts/POR/WTEQ/assocHUCut3/state_of_utah.html
Winter is scheduled to give us a "hopefully" last blast this weekend....with temperatures not expected above freezing. So, I went out earlier and loaded up our outdoor wood furnace for what i hope is this years last use. At least we haven't had to put up with the huge snowfalls, etc., that have hit some parts of the nation.