Are you happy where you live?


I’m content with my choice.

It has everything I need at a price I’m able to afford.

It’s comfortable and familiar like a pair of old shoes or a favorite sweater. 🤭

My thoughts also ... "like a pair of old shoes" .. life is good
Everything around me feels comfy and natural, and places I need to get to are very close by.
Can't ask for more than that.


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I'm very happy where i am. Unlikely to !ove again.

Glad to see that most responding are or are planning a move either soon at some point. Knowing what one's priorities and needs are important factors, and doing some research, easier with internet a good idea.

I'm fortunate, i live rural, but because the village straddles a state highway between large cities we have 3 options for groceries in under 5 minutes by car. The dreaded drive 'to town' is more often for medical appts for eyes, or tests checkups related to sleep apnea and being on a CPAP. While there i may pick up things harder to get out here but our little local owned grocery my store of choice, the other two are chain stores.
Takes me about a half hour to go anywhere for anything, other than eggs at the neighbors.

Capt Lightning

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In a way life is pretty good here. Quiet, peaceful and friendly. On the other hand, all amenities have been lost over the years and buying just about anything requires a drive into town. Fine now that we're both healthy and have vehicles as there's virtually no public transport.
Maybe in a few years we'll want to move to (or near) a town so that we will have shops, doctor etc.. within easy reach.
What seemed like a great location and the perfect sized small house is changing as we deal with serious health issues. Moving close to my husband’s family in the city might be a frying pan to the fire situation.
No. My senior living community is not what I expected or want now, so I am moving in a month to the city where I am sure I will stay. I worked hard all of my life from 16 years of age to 62 years when I retired. Thought I would have enough to retire better financially. I can’t afford those nicer retirement communities. As we all age, being closer to health care, transportation, delivery services become more important than peace and quiet which I love peace and quiet dearly. Criminals are everywhere more often now - not just in the cities. I love the country, and I love everything about it! Grew up in the sticks! But being housed on those dark roads while creeps case out the area is too much for my anxieties. Did not use to be that way. One older resident here went to the trash dumpster and was attacked by a guy who randomly drove his car in here! We are in a rural - sort of-suburb area- but car dependent area- no stores or anything around. So I guess I’ll deal with the city creeps instead. At least it will be more convenient for me. I need to move before I get older as moving is really hard!


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Choosing a place to live is a compromise. I would like to live in the boonies somewhere next to a stream, but it would not be practical at my age. This place is practical, it being a single story so there are few steps, and it's close to necessities, although not within walking distance. I like to kid that I came here to die.
Well, yanno, I'm not unhappy here, and I have the whole back yard with a tiny lawn and very large flower garden, a fat kitty for company, and a job that I really like for "extra" money. (When is money "extra"?)

@Aprilbday12 Yeah, those dark roads...instead you'll be in a well-lit populated area. The lights won't deter the criminals, but at least they'll have better light to work by, and you'll be able to see 'em!

Gosh, it is really safe anywhere anymore?


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Yes, a lot of solitude.
Even if I walk out on my porches, no one can see me.
Not too much activity, culture, entertainment, or excitement
but I'm a loner anyway.
Yes, I miss Alaska and I miss the tall trees of Colorado but
I like creating in solitude, if it be writing, sculpting, designing,
This is my life now and I'm content.
Have this wild beast outside my door, (don't know what it is
but it barks a lot). I feed it and it hangs around me.


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Norwich, NY
I am very happy where I live. Recently though, many homeless people, mostly young ones have appeared from I don't know where. They were not here until this spring. There were a few before this but now there are a lot more. So far none of them have bothered me and I have not had any contact with them. I keep to myself when I am out. I never leave my apartment after dark, not even to go out in the hallway. I am not afraid, just cautious.
Simple answer s no. I am looking to move and am going to hire one of those realtors that do the searches for their clients in places where the client wishes to live. I have spent many hours looking at homes in areas that I am considering and also looking at other important things. Crime rates, and conveniences in the area would be important among others.
I looked into senior housing a few years ago. Too expensive for what was offered. Some around here charge $5000 a month and up for a 200 sq ft apartment. What would I do with all my stuff? Also, too may rules - I like to live by my own rules. Most of them seemed just to be holding tanks for people waiting to pass.