Flashlight App for your Smartphone..


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I have the flashlight app on my iPhone, but I did get it from the Apple Store, so it should be safe. I don't use it a lot, but thought it would be good to have if I were somethere in the car and needed a flashlight. Even at home, I try to keep the phone close by me, and that way, I don't have to wander around the house in the dark if the lights went out and I needed to find the big flashlight or some candles.
I have never even looked on any other places besides the App Store for any apps for the iPhone or iPad.


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I only have a stupid phone so not an issue for me, but thanks to you all for putting up info for others that do have a smart-phone;)


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I just heard about the app, Light, earlier this week. It was dealing with "safety" on Halloween night on local news. However, I do remember when we were someplace and I seen this person's iPhone light up bright. Wondered what the heck they had and now I know! Anyway, I downloaded the app on both of our iPhones. Looks like a great app to have, if light is needed, BUT, using it too often, or too long, can bring the iPhone battery down pretty fast.

A flashlight is always handy to have in a vehicle, but if the batteries in the flashlight go dead, which they will after awhile, this iPhone light would be great to have.