How are you dealing with isolation these days?


my apartment
I don't really have an option, because I can't afford the delivery fees. I had 3 orders delivered from a local grocery store in recent months, and at $9.95 each it adds up. or, more accurately, sucks down my bank account.
i don't do the delivery. i order and then pick it up outside. they've been letting us do this for free.


Knowing this is not going away any time soon is starting to weigh. TV is 100% bad news every single day so I avoid it. But we deal with the bad just like the good we keep on truckin'.
It seems like this has been going on forever with no end in sight. I agree about TV but for some reason the past few days I've been watching it and too much news, got to get back into my music and shut off the news for awhile again.


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All I know is that every time the residents in the nursing homes I worked in got the flu vaccine, then the whole place was quarantined because everyone had the flu. Even the employees. When I first started working there, one coworker told me not to get the vaccine because every time she ever got it then she was sick with the flu. I never have had that shot and only had a flu once a long time ago. My father would get the vaccine and then he'd get the flu. Every year he'd say he wasn't going to get the vaccine and then his doctor at the VA would talk him into it. Sure enough, he'd get the flu.
I'm a scientific type guy. That doesn't make sense that you get the 'flu' . I can understand a reaction to the vaccine but not the full fledged flu.