How's your weather today?

Another beautiful, soft day, humidity under thirty percent or so. Temps about 28. Bought two more tomato plants to stand on the floor of my terrace. After two horrible years of tasteless tomatoes, I played the odds, and purchased one hanging cherry

tomato plant. Hmm, of course, this year the cherry tomatoes are fabulous. I have hopes the larger one will be also, one of my floor ones is a mystery tomato. Shall see how large they grow? Hope not too big. I received some lovely Salish smoked salmon from one of my First Nation clients. Ten lbs!!!!!!!!!! One of my Syrian clients brings me honeyed apricots. Mmmmmmmmm.

Don M.

central Missouri
We're in the midst of our yearly heat wave...temps have been in the upper 90's, or more, for the past couple of weeks. We're supposed to get some relief and hopefully a little rain in the next couple of days. About the only Positive with this kind of weather is that I don't need to do much's already starting to turn brown in spots.