I am introducing a post for your photographs with the theme - Seen Better Days

awww HC...I thought better of you...despite perhaps earlier rock and roll lifestyle .. she really doesn't look very different to the average 76 year old, we all get old..
You're right, it was heartless, it came to mind when M.F. was interviewed on something like Wogan, she came out with some hurtful tirade, but two wrongs and all that. I should delete it but then this apology would be perplexing to others. Forgive me, I won't do that again.


This is a picture I took many years. ago...of a broken old cart in a nearby farmers' field... I have taken thousands of photos since then.. but this one remains one of my all time favourites, so much so, despite having been taken on an old fuji finepix .... that I had the Black and white version of it framed and hung on the wall.. where it still is today...

@PeppermintPatty The photos in your post #11 reminded me of old shed on my property. Some of the weathered wood displays beautiful patterns, colors. But this is the one i most frequently post, with the caption: Sometimes we have to go thru a dark place to get back to the light.

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Weathered wood not only looks beautiful, it ‘seems’ to tell a story ; one no different than a weathered, wrinkly face. It holds a certain mystery about it and often captures our heart in unexpected ways. Old buildings, abandoned properties, old rusty cars, tractors and the like carry a charm that ‘new’ shiny things don’t offer.
Susan Sarandon is just eight weeks older than Marianne Faithfull. Here she is daring to pose without make-up.
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Susan Sarandon is one of my favourite actors.
She is most certainly beautiful, but she IS wearing make up. It’s just been applied to give the appearance of wearing none.

She’s posing for ‘peoples magazine exclusive’ who use the best make up artists and photographers available but even if she were wearing none, she’s definitely a beautiful woman regardless.