Let's Be Neighborly-----Show us your front door. OK Me First


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Oh my, April!! As a nasty old man you bring back memories from the '60s and a record by, wasn't it, Rusty Warren. (How did this old mind ever dig that name up when I can't remember who I met yesterday!!) The record was a party record called "Knockers up". Be really careful who you show your "knockers" to!!!!:)

I'll try to take a shot of our front door and post it soon.
Ditto for me, too!

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This is a Unicorn Fairy Door....wouldn't you like one just in case?
I have one in my Craft Room :giggle:
I can't help but lose myself in this picture. The dream of being able to revisit my past has always been something that's remained close to my heart. Childhood memories are both happy and sad for me, because I feel our childhood years don't last long enough.


That door wreath thing has become kind of a joke in my building. My floor has become famous for the fancy door decorations many of the residents like to hang on them. They get changed throughout the year, to reflect the season, holidays, etc. Some of them are homemade by those who are good with crafts, some are bought from Michael's and similar stores. (I mostly do that.)

Of course, not everybody decorates their door, but many do. It's really fun.

P.S. Your condo building looks similar to mine!


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New Jersey, USA
I am very interested in learning a bit more about what life is really like for the people who live in thes communities. I have visited a very nice one in Washington State in the area wher my son lives and where my daughter plans to retire in a few years. Based on my visit, I concluded that living there where one monthly payment covers all meals in a nice dining room, cleaning and linen service. I also don't want my wife living alone in this big house with all the upkeep if I have to leave the planet.

The facility calendar of events indicates that all meals are now being delivered to the apartments and that social activities have been suspended because of the virus.
Is your community dealing with the virus the same way?
Do you have a common dining room? When I ate lunch at the one I am interested in, the food was delicious.
Overall, do you enjoy living there? I believe that my wife would be very happy living like that, especially after she gets into her 80's. My wife was not with me on that trip, but I really enjoyed talking to the residents.
Several of the ladies were adamant that we should move when we are both still healthy and that it is really tough on women to handle this all on their own while grieving. Would that be your opinion as well?
Any guidance you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
Yes, Pecos. We haven't even begun phase one while everyone else is now it phase 4 or 5.