Let's Be Neighborly-----Show us your front door. OK Me First


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Oh my, April!! As a nasty old man you bring back memories from the '60s and a record by, wasn't it, Rusty Warren. (How did this old mind ever dig that name up when I can't remember who I met yesterday!!) The record was a party record called "Knockers up". Be really careful who you show your "knockers" to!!!!:)

I'll try to take a shot of our front door and post it soon.
Ditto for me, too!

Aunt Marg

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This is a Unicorn Fairy Door....wouldn't you like one just in case?
I have one in my Craft Room :giggle:
I can't help but lose myself in this picture. The dream of being able to revisit my past has always been something that's remained close to my heart. Childhood memories are both happy and sad for me, because I feel our childhood years don't last long enough.