Meanwhile, at The Taproom


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I double dog dare anyone to disagree about zombies riverdancing. They were um born umm died ummm revived for it.

Poor Em. Sounds like Em's wife had been building up her grudge collection for a while. Might want to make that a coupla shots on the house, Rose. Medicinal purposes.

I'm no shrink but it seems to me that a fella doesn't bring this up unless he's been recently pierced a few times with the pointy end of that stick.

jerry old

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all captions are home runs...Zombies can do river dance, how about brake dancing. :p:rolleyes:🤨😍🤭🥺🤠

(I have viewed the Zombie show twice, each was appox 10 minutes. Apparently, the best method of dispatching a zombie is to
stat him in the top of the head)
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