My husband died suddenly one week ago

Linda, I'm so very sorry for your terrible loss. Loss of anyone is always so hard, sudden loss is worse, and sudden loss so close to a major holiday is even harder, and when you add in the pandemic and the inability to get together with family and friends to lean on and cry with has got to make it that much harder. My heart goes out to you.

Please know that we are here to listen and support whenever you need us.


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Funny how the holidays can turn from joy to sadness in such a short time.
I am so sorry for your loss. Right now you are probably in a fog not knowing which way is up. I lost my husband of 38 years very suddenly two years ago, also one week before christmas. That first year I thought I was going mad and was always expecting him to walk through the front door, I was lucky enough to find a grief support group. During these times you might find an online group, it helps to talk with someone who shares the same experience. I walk a lot, it helps. The second year was worse because I was out of the fog and was finally beginning to realize that he was not coming back. I am now starting my third year without my companion and learning to live on my own. Take care on your journey and reach out.