My Youngest Brother Is In ICU


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Just closing the loop on this old thread.

I talked to my younger brother a couple of days ago and he is actually feeling better. He still has not completely stopped smoking, he still drinks a little and he now refuses to take any of the medications that his Doctors have prescribed for him. He may never get the bypass operation that they keep telling him he needs.

Go figure! It is almost mysterious that he is still alive.
Stubbornness, apparently. :)

Ruth n Jersey

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@Pecos so sorry to hear this. There is still hope. I had the same thing happen in my family. After years of alcohol and smoking he was just about forced into rehab. The first time it didn't last. He was readmitted and its been over ten years without a drink. He quite smoking a bit late and his lungs aren't top notch but he is with us and feeling better even with the chronic problems he has.
I can't say enough about good rehab and the fact that none of the rest of the family buckled under his false promises which is a big factor in recovery but very hard to do.
My best to you and your family, who I believe, suffer more than the person themselves.


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I'm so glad your brother is better. Do you have any idea why he's not taking the meds? Do you have any idea how he thinks? Maybe he would just rather fade away.
He tells me that the Medes make him feel like crap, and I guess that some do. As far as the way he thinks, that has always been a bit of a mystery. I suspect that in many ways he is brilliant, but he is also pretty stubborn.


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@Pecos, you've done your part brother. Let the chips fall where it should.

I've been in situations like this with a loved one. The more I tried to get them out of trouble, the deeper they seemed to get into it. I asked myself if I'm enabling them. I got a resounding YES! I leaned back even if it hurts. We can only do so much for a person.