Paying $76,000 to be taller


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try manure -cheaper lol-- we are what we are - watched a prog on tv -in Turkish clinic what these women mainly brits
went through -total butchery and it costs lives 'apart from the pain it made me flinch to watch it ...
LOL, that brought me back to my past, first time I've heard that expression since my mother died. She was only 4'11'' and I was almost 5'7''. When she needed something on the high shelf she would ask me to get it. She would then joke and say, "That's why I gave you more manure, so you would be taller and get stuff for me" (in Italian, manure is letame).


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Well, I would never do any of it but... IMO if another person wants it , and it doesn't cost me/ what? My only caution? that I personally know two people , one man & one woman they both had the gastric bypass performed . And both of them, have had a whole host of physical/medical problems with it, and their weight has crept back up.

{He} started out at near 500 pounds....down to 250, back up to about 350.

{She} started out at just over 300 pounds....down to just about 150....back up to 200+.