Seniors, What Types of Outdoor Activities Do You Enjoy?


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Northeast Texas
Walking is something I really enjoy.....
Every morning around 7 or a bit later in winter you'll find me pounding the pavement
for at least 30 minutes just as I've been doing for years.
I put in my headphones to listen to some music and off I go.:woohoo1:

Even though I do have a problem with my painful hip and leg, I persevere.....if I stop exercising
I think I'd probably be worse off.....
Happy birthday, Casper.....and I agree with the morning walk and music, it gets my day off to a good start too, I miss some days but, always feel better when I walk, also I do a lot of yard work and that is getting more difficult with each passing year.

Good morning, Pappy, love your signature this morning.


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I've enjoyed fishing, hunting and shooting firearms since I was a young pup......I've also been loading all of my own ammunition since the mid 80's.
Guess hubby & I are the odd couple.
We have been riding ATVs for about 10 years.
Since PA. doesn't favor them by opening state game lands, state forests ,, we travel about.

Son lives in Michigan, we ride there.
With him we've take trips to Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota & other western states.

Hubby & I bought an older RV to which we hook a trailer for the ATVs.
Son has a truck & enclosed trailer for his ATVs.


We enjoy long bike rides, kayaking/canoeing, hiking/walking and swimming in the sea. Most of my photography is outdoors as well.


Due to constraints on my time, hiking and walking and nature photography encompass my outdoor activities. But I love it. It's not the quantity, it's the quality. I love bird watching too.


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I kinda enjoy off-road driving. My son installed mud tires and suspension lift kit that he bought from 4WheelOnline on our truck and we took on a trail for some driving. It feels exhilarating and it's a good reason for me to go outside.


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I am a life long walker,walk everywhere unless its too far for me to do so. I never felt comfortable behind the wheel. I take 3 walks a day,weather permitting. My first walk of the day is usually around 6:30am,when I go 3 blocks to buy NYTimes.
The days I don't have any plans ,I'll take my mid morning walk,which is anywhere from 3-6 blocks. My last walk of the day is in afternoon after lunch and nap. I go around the block.
I do take my walks in winter all bundled up.The only times I don't venture outside is,if the windchill is brutal e.g -20,or a windy,snowy day.
I'm use to walking in all sorts of weather because when I was working,I would walk to work,which was 8 blocks from my apt building Sue


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Walking is one of the best exercises to go for!
I'm going to dispute that a bit.
Walking does put pressure on all the joints of the feet and the knees.

In my opinion. Bike riding is the best exercise to go for. I ride my bike every day when the weather allows it. I even use it for shopping. I look forward to it and now our city has expanded bike paths so you don't have to use the bike where there is automobile traffic.


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San Jose
Hands down, nothing beats a calm walk in a park in the morning and one with friends in the evening. That being said, on the weekends I prefer some quiet time with nature, going for fishing with friends, or just visit nearby market to take a stroll and by weekly groceries.

When I was young, I loved mountain climbing. Conquering the steep mountains with few climbing gears was such a thrill. However, now I prefer some “me” time with few of my closest friends. That’s my favorite outdoor activities.

However, when I’m at my home, most of my time is dedicated to understanding technologies that can make an older adult’s life better. These include smart home equipment, wearable techs, etc.

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