The best things in life are free...


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Batavia, NY
Thoughtfulness and politeness.

Right. Just a smile to another person goes a long way. I was in a store check out the other day. Customer in front of me was giving cashier a very hard time. When it was my turn, cashier was near tears. I tried to console her the best I could. It was not cashier's fault, from my perspective. I found store manager and told her so, just in case the other customer complained


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Seeing my ex wife's face on a milk carton.

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Patio Life

All that we think is free was/is paid for by our efforts.
I can watch the birds from the patio I paid for and maintain. I can take walks in the neighborhood of the house I worked for and paid off. The dog gets fed and goes to the vet as needed. We entertain friends and provide goodies on the table with the money we spent at the store.

Our relationships are paid for with our time and consideration of others.