This will be my last move…..where will your last move take you.

The realtor is working for Micka so if she did not wish it shown to him then I would think her wishes would be respected.

On the other hand if he got his own realtor to act on his behalf to find a home then ?????
Curious Arnold, have you travelled to Canada before and that is why it is on your list? We do have a great country and you're never too old for a new adventure :)
Hello Lee. Have not been to Canada. It is on my short list because it is the easier of the three countries on my list to access. Geographically, anyway. Not sure how the administrative functions work to accept a US citizen. That and I don't dislike cold, snow and wind. Actually, prefer it to the blistering hot horribly humid eight-month summers here in Houston.

Thanks for the good words on your country. Heard many good things about it from my Air Force roommate in the 1960's. Godfrey was from Canada. He moved to SoCal with his parents in the late 1950s to work in the aircraft industry. After discharge, he moved back to Canada-Toronto, married and raised a family there. Kept in touch for a while, then drifted apart as often happens with friends. Cheers. Arnold
Here in BC houses are starting to move once again after a very slow 6-8 months, hopefully the market in your area has picked up. Moving is stressful, I feel for you, good luck with the sale of your house.
Great news. You planned carefully and now all that planning will result in a wonderful new adventure in your new place.

Do I hear "Housewarming Party"
Thank you Lee, yes you’re right, my year long planning has put me in a good place. Looking forward to my new place.